Five-year-old dreams of heaven, confirms ‘Heaven is for Real’ account, Akiane’s painting of Jesus


Do you believe heaven is real? Well, according to Colton Burpo and Akiane Kramarik it is! A child art prodigy, Akiane began creating extraordinary, lifelike paintings of Jesus at a very young age. One of her most significant artworks is “Prince of Peace,” an exquisite painting she created when she was just 8 years old. This masterpiece was identified by Colton Burpo as the Real Face of Jesus that he recognized from his heavenly experiences – told in a story that has reverberated around the world, thanks to the bestselling book and subsequent movie, Heaven is for Real.


How does Akiane know so much about Heaven? Where do her visions originate?

Akiane Kramarik describes herself as a “visionary journalist” who reports what she observes in both the physical and non-physical worlds around her. Since she was 4 years old, Akiane has been recording what she sees in precise detail. Akiane describes her access to the divine as “inspirations from God” and “visions from Heaven.”

Akiane speaks about her visions.

In an interview published in the Washington Times, Akiane said “a vision is like an oasis in a desert. You can’t have it all the time, as you need to keep on continuing your journey through the desert of life experiences, full of faith trials … I am not so concerned about waiting for a vision to appear because I know it will come to me when I expect it least … I still do have visions that inspire my work.”

She added that she must paint what she sees in her visions – which are much like dreams – soon after she experiences them, or the vision will lose its clarity. When she gazes at a vision-inspired painting such as “Prince of Peace” (the Heaven is for Real painting of Jesus), she can clearly recall the vision.

When describing her second painting of Jesus titled “Father Forgive Them” during a CNN interview, Akiane said she envisions God as “a bow of light – really pure, really masculine, really strong and big … His eyes are just beautiful.”

Have others besides Akiane seen and experienced Jesus in this way?

Yes! In fact, Colton Burpo, whose story is featured in the book and movie Heaven is for Real, confirmed that Jesus looks like exactly as Akiane has depicted Him in her paintings. In fact, Akiane’s “Prince of Peace” image is often referred to as the Heaven is for Real Jesus painting. Learn more about Colton Burpo’s story.

Akiane’s gifts are from God, and we are able to glimpse heaven through her paintings.

What’s most striking about Akiane’s paintings is the tranquility and love that radiates from the canvas. Something about these breathtaking paintings touches people all over the world.

When painting, Akiane strives for excellence and accuracy. Here are a few examples:

  • In the Jesus painting entitled “Prince of Peace,” 8-year-old Akiane pricked her little finger for a drop of blood, then asked her mother to go to the art store to buy that color of paint – quickly, before the color could change! She used wisps of her own baby-fine hair to paint Jesus’s eyelashes.
  • Jesus’ hands in “Father Forgive Them” had to be painted and repainted until Akiane felt they were strong enough to lift the whole world to God in the garden of Gethsemane and ask for forgiveness for all before He was crucified.
  • Akiane said her painting “Supreme Sanctuary” was most difficult to complete because the intensity and the colors of heaven are not available in our world.
  • Akiane is interested in minute detail, so when we see the heavenly gardens in “Supreme Sanctuary” or a teen aged Jesus talking with Father God in “Jesus, the Missing Years,” we can know with confidence that, according to this gifted young artist, Jesus was resurrected, and Heaven truly is for real!


When asked “What is Heaven like?” Colton has said:

  • The city of Heaven is made of something shiny like gold or silver
  • The Gates of Heaven are made of gold with pearls
  • First I saw Jesus – He was wearing white robes with a purple sash
  • Jesus has “markers” in his hands from nails used at the crucifixion
  • Heaven has a lot of colors, a lot of people and a lot of animals
  • There are more colors in heaven, and the flowers and trees are beautiful
  • In Heaven, everyone is around 20 to 30 year old
  • In Heaven, everyone I saw had wings (except Jesus)
  • In heaven it’s always light, Jesus is the light and lights it up
  • I learned that heaven is for real and you’re going to like it.

When asked “What is Heaven like?” Akiane says:

  • In heaven, everything is simply beautiful and effortless.
  • In heaven, colors are more intense, and many of them are not seen on Earth.
  • In heaven, the music is more beautiful, nothing like music in our world.
  • In heaven, plants, animals, and all beings speak not through words, but through color, vibration, and thoughts.
  • Her understanding of heaven has expanded since she first encountered heaven through her visions and dreams.
  • Akiane’s “Supreme Sanctuary” painting gives us a glimpse of heavenly colors and scenes.  (shown here on soft cotton throw)

About God and Jesus, Akiane says

  • Jesus is love.
  • He is the only way to God and the only way to heaven and joy.
  • My relationship with Jesus remains one of pure wonder, humbleness, and gratitude.
  • My personal views on Jesus have only matured & deepened since age 4.
  • Only love can bring us closer to God’s almighty truth, wisdom, and happiness.

We are witnessing something truly miraculous through the gift God gave Akiane’s with the “Prince of Peace” painting (often referred to as the Heaven is for Real Jesus painting) – as well as her other masterful artworks in which we can see that God is the divine source of Akiane’s heavenly inspirations.

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