How Private Lesson Teacher, Hope Chidiebere, rapes 6-year-old girl


The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has vowed to prosecute, Hope Chidiebere, the suspected rapist of a 6-year old girl in Finima Community in Bonny Local Government Area of Rivers State.

The Divisional Police Officer in charge of the Finima Division, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Bashir Kontagora assured that there will be justice for the victim.

According to him, the suspected rapist has been handed over to the Gender Department at the State Criminal and Investigation Department where a further investigation will be conducted and the suspect will subsequently be arraigned before a court of law.

Chidiebere, engaged as a private lesson Tutor for the victim, was said to have taken her away from her home inside the community to the back of the Finima Bakery, which was a distance of about two kilometers away from the community, and viciously defiled her.

Reports say he raped her in her private part and in her anus thus causing her severe and grievous injury.

The suspected rapist tore the lining between the child’s vagina and anus – she was found in blood and faeces were dripping from her body.

She was immediately rushed to the General Hospital, Bonny where doctors examined her and ascertained that she was actually raped and treatment was administered to her.

However, a source further disclosed that the little girl was responding well to treatment at the time of this report.

Since the incident came into the public domain, many concerned individuals raised their voices to condemn the act and called for Justice.

They had equally rallied round the parents of the girl to seek justice.

Meanwhile, the suspect was claimed to have also raped a 4-year-old girl and another 8-year-old girl at different times earlier in the year but concealed by the parents of minors to avoid stigmatization.

Bashir Kotangora, however, assured all interested parties in the case that the right thing will be done and justice will be served in the case.

He added that the alleged crime was a heinous one that was alien to the ideals of humanity.

Hope Chidiebere is a native of Abia State who resides in Bonny.

On his Facebook profile, he claims to be the Secretary of the Scripture Union Nigeria, Port Harcourt Region.

He attended Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike and Government College, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria.

However, the Scripture Union of Nigeria (SU) has denied any knowledge of the suspected rapist of being a member.

In a swift reaction, the zonal Representative of the SU in Bonny LGA, Vivian Brown, dismissed such claims as unfounded, saying that he does not know him and has never met him in any SU activity in the area.

Zonal Representative, Scripture Union, Bonny LGA, Vivian Brown said;

“I have never met him, I don’t know him and he has never attended any of our events. If he says he is the Secretary of the SU in Port Harcourt, then he is lying because that is not correct. He is not our member and has no affiliation with the SU.”

The Public Relations Officer of the Asawo (Youths) of Buoye Omuso (Brown) Major House of Finima in Bonny Local Government Area, Idatonye Lambert, confirmed that the suspect had earlier in April this year also raped two minors aged 4 and 8.

According to him, the community decided then to banish him from their midst but for the lockdown imposed on interstate travels, his family could not take him out.

He stated that when this recent incident happened the youths of the community were rallied to find and apprehend him and handed him to the Police for prosecution.

The International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) and the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria had already stepped in the case and have vowed to ensure that justice was served on the case.

So far, there has been a public outcry on the incident with residents of the area calling for the maximum punishment of death sentence on the suspect.

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