Trump Administration Claims 7.5 Million Jobs Created In Two Months


The United States Government on Friday said it has added about 7.5 million jobs for the American people, between May and June.

White House, in a tweet, stressed that the development was proof of President Donald Trump’s viable economic policies.

The country has been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic, leaving over 100,000 U.S. citizens dead.

“With 7.5 million jobs added over the past two months, America’s economic comeback from the Coronavirus is taking off well ahead of schedule.

“The incredible, expectations-busting jobs reports of May and June are great news for our country!, ” White House tweeted.

Meanwhile, the Democrats argued that no matter the number of jobs added, it doesn’t tally with the job losses recorded due to the pandemic.

Chuck Schumer, Democrat Republican Leader, urged the Trump Administration to rise to the occasion.

“Over 17M are still unemployed;
Unemployment for black men rose to 16%.

“Permanent job losses rose by 588K
State and local Government jobs are still down 1.5M since February.

“This jobs report shows why Pres. Trump & Senate GOP must act NOW,” he tweeted on Thursday.

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