Akindayomi was my destiny helper, he broke all protocols to make me G.O- Adeboye


The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has said the founder of the Church, Pastor Josiah Akindayomi was a destiny helper whom God used to bring him to a place of destiny.

He gave the affirmation while delivering his message titled “Let there be light” at the June 2020 Holy Ghost night.

Josiah Akindayomi

Akindayomi ordained him pastor after 2 yrs. in church

He said he had just spent two years in the church when Pa Akindayomi ordained him as a full pastor noting that the action was unprecedented in the annals of the church.

According to him, the man whom he met in the church spent almost 15 years in the church before he was ordained pastor stating that “it is a lie that becoming a pastor in the RCCG is easy.

“People say it is easy to be a pastor in RCCG, that after about six months that one could be ordained. Let them come and see how easy it is to be ordained as pastor. They think it is easy.”

He had earlier in the message taken ample time to admonish his listeners to take the pain to go to the roots of their problems instead of beating about the bush.

He said all the solutions to human problem had already been provided by God adding however that the challenge is knowing where the solution lies.

He cited the instance of one of his students while he was teaching in the University of Lagos who had body odour. The student according to him had such offensive smell from his body that it repels people who sat close to him.

The student then came for prayers. He recalled, “But when he came the Lord told me not to pray for him but that he should go and make restitution. The Lord told me that he was a primary school teacher before he came to the University and had taken some money contributed by children in the school for their Christmas party and ran away with it.

The children cried to God and the consequence was what happened to him. The Lord said according to Pastor Adeboye that he should go and make restitution and return the money in double fold. “He went back to the school and made restitution. The children were happy. He became healed from that body odour thereafter.”

He cited several other examples of miraculous interventions in the lives of people who carried out instructions God gave them stressing that the solutions to all human problems have been made available along with creation.

“The tree that Moses put in the bitter water that was called marah had been created long before Israel got to the wilderness The widow Elisha prayed for needed vessels to get more oil as instructed by Elisha. Those vessels didn’t just appear. They had long been there before the widow had problem. In the case of Naaman the river Jordan had been there ever before his leprosy”

He urged his listeners to wait on God to know the source of their challenge or what God wants them to do to get the needed breakthrough. He emphasized that God had already paid for our sins and sicknesses.

The desire of God according to him is for all his children to live a prosperous life citing the example of Solomon who had all round peace and success. “It is the wish of God that we prosper and be in good health. It is a priority as stated in 3 Johnv2 that, I wish above all things that you prosper. I know some people will say but the Bible says the poor shall not cease from the Land. Must you be the poor?” he asked

He also cited the instance of a man who insisted on giving him a house in Abeokuta though he did not need one. The man according to him kept on putting pressure on him until he succumbed and collected the house from him though he knew what he would do with the house. Years later, the man came and took him in his vehicle to show him a massive estate that the Lord miraculously made him to build. The man according to him sowed one house to get an estate.

Adeboye at the end of his sermons rendered series of prayer points while also inviting people to surrender their hearts to Jesus.

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