Our Elders Paid Us N200,000 Each to kill Rev Famoure for Preaching Against Us – Fulani Herdsmen


Our Elders Paid Us N200,000 Each to kill Rev Famoure for Preaching Against Us – Fulani Herdsmen.

Reverend Famoure uses every opportunity to talk bad against us and make the people to turn against us whenever we go out to graze our cattle. He would tell the locals not to allow us to graze on their lands because we are evil people.

So our elders called us and told us that we should kill him and members of his family but that we should make it look as if it was an armed robbery attack. Our elders were the ones who gave us the guns we used. We also had machetes and other weapons with us.

On the day we went to his house, he was in one room praying when we forced the door open. We told him to give us money and other valuables in the house but he told us that he did not have any money in the house. He was still praying when I shot him in the head and another of our members shot him in the leg.

When we got to our elders, we told them that we had killed the man and his family and they were very happy with us but the next day, we heard that they did not die. Our elders told us to hide in the bushes and wait for another opportunity to go after them.

Some of us left Plateau and went to other places to cool down but myself and Sale decided to hide in the bushes because of our cattle and family.

I don’t know how the police and soldiers managed to find us because they just came and arrested us. The man hates us so much and our people believed that they deserve to die. I don’t know how they all managed to survive.”

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