A Fight For Religious Freedom – Woman Saves Assassin Sent To Kill Her


CBN News shared an incredible and true story. They interviewed Virginia Prodan, a 23-year-old human rights attorney who took the regime in Romania to court to fight for the right to religious freedom. Her fight almost cost her her life.

A Story of a Courageous Woman
She has written a book, Saving My Assassin, in which she shares how in the face of death she fought back with the word of God.

“I am not a hero, God gave me this mission and I was a tool in God’s hands,” Virginia told CBN News.

“The socialist government, it’s a government who will establish a system where the government is your God, not Christ,” Virginia said. Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauscescu ruled in the 1980s, during his rule Christians were thrown in jail. Even though the country had religious freedom laws they were not followed in reality.

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