‘Faith over fear’ campaign featuring crosses with Christmas lights in yards spreads across nation


A “faith over fear” charitable effort where people are putting crosses wrapped in Christmas lights in their yards during the COVID-19 crisis is spreading around the nation, though some have misinterpreted what it is.

In an effort that appears to have its origin at an evangelical church in Byron, Georgia, locals have been selling wooden crosses in order to raise money in order to buy snacks for medical staff at local hospitals. Since many are presently unable to attend church due to state government bans on large gatherings, some are placing crosses in their yards with Christmas lights on or shining spotlights on them, Christian radio host and commentator Erick Erickson explained. Several of Erickson’s neighbors in his neighborhood did this in their yards.

When Erickson bought one and put it in his yard after wrapping it in Christmas lights — which he posted on Instagram — Newsweek published a story based off commenters who suggested that the illuminated cross was a “burning cross” like what Ku Klux Klan members used to place in yards in order to terrorize black people in decades past.
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