90-Year-Old Who Won Battle With COVID-19 Says She Could ‘Feel God’s Presence’ With Her Through the Night


A 90-year-old woman in Washington State is crediting the Lord for keeping her alive after being diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, as she and her family didn’t think she was going to survive.

“I beat the coronavirus,” Geneva Wood told “Good Morning America.” “I have a lot to live for, and God gave me the strength to do it.”

Wood had been staying at The Life Care Center in Kirkland throughout the winter to obtain rehabilitation after suffering a stroke. She was scheduled to return home on March 2 after making great strides in her recovery.

But the weekend before, the nursing home went on a lockdown after a resident died from COVID-19. Many others at the facility became ill.

On March 4, Wood fell and broke her hip, and was transported to Evergreen Medical Center. As she was running a fever, her family requested that Wood be tested for the coronavirus. It came back positive, and as other symptoms became evident, she was sent to Harborview Medical Center.

Wood, who began coughing as her lungs filled with fluid, declined intubation, thinking that perhaps was God’s time for her to go. By March 11, her condition had worsened to the point that doctors didn’t think she was going to survive.

Her family came to say goodbye, with staff allowing one-by-one to see her, suited up in protective gear.

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“For her to fight back from that stroke and to go through all that rehab … and it’s a stupid virus that is going to take her out, of all things, it was just shocking,” her daughter, Cami Neidigh, told TODAY. “It was like I can’t believe this is the way she is going to go.”

But Wood says that she had a doctor who would read some of her favorite passages from the Bible, and one night, when she wasn’t sure if she was going to make it, she could sense God’s presence with her.

“His hands were on my body, and I could feel His presence — that I could wake up and feel these hands, and I went back to sleep,” she told CBN News. “And through the night, as I’d wake up, I couldn’t see His face but I could feel His hands and knew He was with me. And I made it through the night.”

“If it hadn’t been for Him, I couldn’t have done it,” Wood said.

She soon began improving and requested potato soup, which she had eaten for years to soothe herself whenever she became ill. The hospital allowed her family to bring in homemade potato soup to be stored in a facility refrigerator.

Her feisty personality also began showing through again, as her family recalls that she once called out to the nurses in requesting a Sprite, “I ain’t dead yet! I’m gonna die of thirst before I die of this coronavirus!”

Days later, Wood was cleared of COVID-19 and was approved to go home on March 25 — although still suffering damage to her lungs.

“Everybody was surprised because she was in such bad shape. Nobody thought she was going to survive,” Neidigh stated. “She wanted us to be proud of her. She didn’t want us to think she was going to give up.”

“This is a gift from God,” Wood told her family. “His work is not done with me just yet.”

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  1. God is great and greatly to be praised. With Him all things are possible. All we have to do, is to turn away from our wicked ways and do His will. If you put Him first in your life and obey Him, He will do wonderful things in your life. He is true to His promises. He cannot fail. He alone is worthy to be praised.
    Praise Him !!!


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