‘My Husband Cries Like A Baby Because He Suffers Erectile Dysfunction’


Hello Love and Life,

I recently noticed that my husband and I have been distant in our sex lives. I mean we rarely even have sex at all.
I just came to realise this during the lockdown imposed on us recently. I have tried to make amends but my husband doesn’t seem interested at all. I wear sexy clothes, touch him and even sleep naked all to no avail.

I thought he was cheating on me only to discover that my husband has been suffering erectile dysfunction lately. I was shocked when I saw a prescription in his drawer last night.

I’m so devastated. I have talked to him about it and he bust out crying. I’ve never seen him like this before. I have tried everything to console him but he has been so moody.

Please how can we remedy this situation while this lockdown lasts?

Hello Anonymous Writer,

First of all, this is one of the advantages that this painful but necessary lockdown offers families, particularly married couples. This period will help couples to bond together; discover where they have been lacking and reignite that passion that brought them together as husband and wife. And this also includes sexual relationship. So, it’s good that you both have found the opportunity for you both to re-discover your sexual life again even though it is not with a pleasurable outcome.

The tables are turned in this scenario and you, the lady, will have to now play the role of a man as the chief comforter to your husband, in order for the situation not to escalate. You must assure him that his condition does not mean the end of the world as it is a temporary setback which can be rectified via medical solutions. Also, let him know that you will not abandon him and you will be there for him throughout this difficult period for him

Since the lockdown order is still effective, it means you and your husband cannot visit the hospital as his case does not require emergency attention. So, I will advise that if you have the contact of a gynaecologist or a general medicine practitioner who can link you both to a urologist via phone, that would be great.

Encourage your husband to open up to the urologist, if the contact is established, and explain the symptoms so that the expert can make the necessary medication prescription, which you can purchase at a pharmacy close to you. If you are unable to contact a urologist, then explain the situation to your gynaecologist as she may also have some expertise in the area.

Most importantly, do not allow your husband to drown in his sorrows and fears. Be with him all day since we have been mandated to be home, continue to tease with your sexy clothes, watch romantic movies together, use raunchy words and initiate an erotic play to help trigger his sexual desire up. It may be a slow process but you have to be patient to help him through it.



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