Coronavirus: Infected Doctor Says His Faith Carries Him Through


An emergency room physician who got infected with COVID-19 is giving his social media followers a day-by-day blog of how the virus’s symptoms are affecting him.

Dr. Yale Tung Chen, an emergency doctor at Hospital Universitario La Paz in Madrid, Spain, got infected while treating patients at his hospital.


While living in quarantine in his home since Sunday, the 35-year-old is tweeting out ultrasounds of his lungs along with commentary about the symptoms he’s experiencing.

Chen says he wants his experience to be educational. Chen’s symptoms have been relatively mild. “It’s no more than a common and regular flu infection,” he told CBN News. His symptoms have included dry cough, weakness, low-grade fever, and especially a headache.

Experts say the virus affects everyone differently and younger people often have milder symptoms.

Chen tells CBN News he believes this is now a known virus that the medical community has learned how to treat. So his message is this: “To stay calm, to follow all the instructions from the health ministry, the government.”

Dr. Chen is a Christian and he says his faith is carrying him through. “It means everything. I wouldn’t stay that calm,” if it wasn’t for his beliefs, he told CBN News.

Dr. Yale Tung Chen spoke with CBN News on Newswatch via Skype from Madrid about his own fight with the coronavirus.

You can follow Chen’s progress here.

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