Be Prepared For Worse Calamity Than Coronavirus-Prophet Owuor Says


Prophet Owuor has predicted there would be a more devastating calamity in the coming days which would be worse than the dreaded coronavirus pandemic.

Self-declared Mighty Prophet of God said the world should now start preparing for the never-seen-before pandemic that would wipe out the human race.

In a video clip that has since gone viral, Owuor claims human beings would be struck with unhealing round boils with fluids that would subdue the world.

“There is a tremendous plague worse than the coronavirus that you see in Asia. The Lord has commanded me to strike the earth and I have struck the earth, so there would be a lot of painful boils which are round and would become ripe full of fluid. They have a dark eye which would burst…,” said Owuor.

The preacher is not new to making terrifying predication whenever a calamity or tragedy strikes the earth. In fact, a section of Kenyans have accused him of thriving in prophecies of doom, dark days and threats to not only hold his followers captive but to also ensure he remains relevant and be one of the most sought-after prophets whenever signs of calamities, real or perceived, start to appear.

In 2019, Owuor claimed he had foretold the earthquake that was felt across more than six counties in Kenya on the evening of Sunday, March 24.

He claimed the occurrence was meant to remind Kenyans to repent of their sins and respect “prophets”. “The Lord told me to tell Kenya to prepare the way for the mightiest prophets and repent otherwise the whole country will be ‘swallowed’ by Earthquake,” he was quoted to have said.

When locusts invaded Kenya, Owour said he had predicted the menace before and that it was just but a fulfilment of his prophecies. “I see tremendous, unbearable judgement coming to Kenya, I see a lot of locusts, I’ve never seen such. They went up to one kilometre towards the sky, all over the land, I tried to close the door, the Kenyan border but a lot of the locusts managed to enter into Kenya and they crushed the land.” he was quoted by his Jesus is Lord Radio.

A section of Kenyans, however, rubbished the claiming arguing the audio recording had been manufactured by his team to suit the occasion and to make his prophecies sound credible and reliable.

Owuor was recently exposed by a section of his former church members who claimed most of his prophecies are never real and are often scripted and fabricated to hoodwink the public into believing in him.

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