Mike Bamiloye: Coronavirus not rampant in Africa because of our fasting, prayers


Mike Bamiloye, founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries International, says the low spread of coronavirus in Africa is due to fasting and prayers in the continent.

Since its outbreak in China in December, the virus has killed about 5,000 persons, with at least 134,000 infected.

Africa, however, has recorded paltry cases of the disease — a development which has left many asking what could be behind its low spread in the continent.

Nigeria has only recorded two cases of the virus, with the second patient testing negative.

Reacting to the various arguments on why the virus has not been rampant in Africa — contrary to expectations — the actor cum evangelist attributed the development to fasting and prayers.

“The scientists and health specialists in western nations are still wondering why the coronavirus has not spread massively in Africa as expected and I said, it’s God’s answer to our prayers and fasting,” he wrote on Instagram.

“And some people are angry with me. What did I do wrong now? If my answer is wrong, you should tell all of us why the virus has not spread in Africa as they expected.”

His comment has stirred heated controversies on social media platforms with some opposing the 59-year-old actor’s view.

Responding to his comment, Daddy Freeze, media personality. said the Bamiloye’s claim was “unscholarly”.

“Dear @mikebamiloye, I find it unscholarly of you to make such a vacuous post about something so sensitive. Really? Our prayers???? If this makes sense to you then I’m worried! Why didn’t prayer and fasting prevent lassa fever?” Freeze wrote.

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