Dethroned Sanusi was partisan, fond of speaking English rather than Hausa — Kano Govt


The Kano State Government has given more reasons for the dethronement of the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, alleging that he was partisan.

Mr. Saliu Tanko Yakasai, spokesman of Governor Abdulahi Ganduje, gave the revelation during an interview with a radio station in Osogbo, Osun state, on Tuesday.

He said the dethroned Emir has been displaying his loyalty to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) by wearing the dress of Kwankwasiya attire in the public.

He also alleged that Emir Sanusi was fond of speaking English language, neglecting the Hausa language he supposed to be speaking as an Emir.

According to Yakasai, “Traditional leaders are supposed to be neutral. Will a traditional ruler in Osun publicly identify with a party and the government will stay comfortably with him. Who will accept this in Nigeria?

“Emir Sanusi has been going with the opposition publicly. The Emir received Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, PDP governorship candidate and his running mate, PDP leaders in his palace at night.

“An example of his partisanship was when he went to visit the President and put on the opposition attire, the Kwankwasiya attire, wearing white clothes and red cap. This at a time the inconclusive election was held and the winner has not been declared in Kano.

“He was clearly saying that this is where he belongs. Who will be able to accept all these?

“He didn’t understand the traditional institution, the throne he was occupying. You can be a reformist, but there must be action. You can go and see the government and provide solution. But the Emir was interested in playing to the gallery. He always mounts the podium to get applause.”

Speaking about what he described as “the flamboyant life of Emir Sanusi”, Yakasai said: “Being an Emir is not about wearing expensive regalia made in Morocco. He is preaching against poverty but living a lifestyle that is contrary.

“Also, one of the fundamental things about the Emirate is that, in its one thousand year history, no Emir speaks any other language even when the Queen of England comes to Kano, the Emir did not speak English. He speaks in Hausa (during) public events, obviously to preserve the language.

“When Emir Sanusi came, he (was) not interested in that. He will stand on the podium and speak English.”

Yakasai further alleged that Emir Sanusi was fond of condemning his people in the public, saying: “Is everything about Kano negative? Is there no positive thing in Kano? He will go out and be condemning his people.”

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