3 Million Evangelicals March In Brazil: ‘Our Country Belongs To Jesus


One of the world’s largest Christian gatherings happened on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil as millions marched.

There were 3 million participants at the March for Jesus, led by 28 Brazilian gospel bands and singers and dozens of evangelical pastors and leaders, and over 10 hours of praise and worship, reported Evangelical Focus.

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Estevam Hernandes, president of the March for Jesus in Brazil, opened the event, which saw its largest participation since it began in 1993.

“We cry out for Brazil, for the families, for the end of corruption, for the afflicted hearts, our country belongs to Jesus Christ,” Hernandes said. “To Him all honor, glory, power, and majesty. The first time the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, known as “Trump of the Tropics,” participated in the demonstration as a candidate last year and promised to come back after the election.

“You were decisive in helping change the destiny of Brazil,” Bolsonaro told the millions who attended during a seven-minute speech. “It is very good to be among friends. Bolsonaro said that his country is “secular but its current leader is Christian,” adding in that he wants to overcome the “ethical and moral” issues Brazil has faced. The Brazilian leader, like Trump, has not shied away from controversy and has been largely supported by evangelicals, a population that has spiked in Brazil, around 30 percent of the population of about 190 million people.

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